Touch for Health Kinesiology
Touch for Health Kinesiology Workshops

Many people choose to learn about Touch for Health Kinesiology through fun, interactive workshops. Training is suitable for anyone wanting to learn skills to help themselves and others enjoy vibrant health and achieve their potential.

Our students include mums, dads, teachers, doctors, midwives, office workers, fitness instructors, students and complementary health practitioners. In fact absolutely anybody! You will learn simple, effective techniques to improve posture, reduce physical tension, release emotional strain and discover the effect food has on your energy.

Come away feeling more energised and alive, confident to help others!

The Touch for Health (TFH) synthesis begins with TFH Level 1. This can be used as a starting point for progressing through to practitioner level or as a standalone workshop which provides you with enough techniques to help yourself, your family and friends. There are four further levels and each level is taught over two days usually at a weekend.

The workshops are very interactive with at least 75% of the time spent in demonstrations and practical work. This gives lots of time to try your new skills with the other students giving you the confidence to work with others when you get home!

No prior knowledge is required. You may choose to study this program to enhance your existing skills, for self help or just to have fun!


There are many ways that Touch for Health skills can help you and also
enable you to help you family and friends:

  • The ability to help yourself and influence your own health
  • Greater concentration through brain coordination exercises
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Assistance in managing stress at home and work
  • Improved posture
  • Relief from physical pain and tension
  • Assistance in changing attitudes and unhelpful behaviour
  • Enhanced brain function and therefore improved co-ordination, reading, writing, work and sports performance.

The Touch for Health Synthesis

At the end of Touch for Health Level 1 students will be able to

  • Understand the concept of energy in the body based on Chinese Medicine
  • Gain benefits in coordination, vision, sensory awareness and posture
  • Prepare an individual for accurate muscle monitoring
  • Demonstrate proficiency in muscle monitoring
  • Evaluate energy imbalances on the 14 major meridians
  • Balance an individual's energy using a range of techniques
  • Relieve mental and emotional stress
  • Understand the benefit of using a goal with a 14 muscle balance

At the end of Touch for Health Level 2 students will be also be able to
  • Understand principles of the Chinese 5 Elements used for energy balancing
  • Use 14 new muscles and extra techniques to address energy imbalances
  • Use circuit locating to find the priority balancing method
  • Enhance future performance using stress release
  • Use muscle monitoring to identify sensitive foods and substances
  • Benefit from simple pain techniques
  • Use specific integrating movements to improve coordination

At the end of Touch for Health Level 3 students will be also be able to
  • Understand the relationships between muscles and their reactive patterns
  • Use 14 further muscles to enhance awareness of posture and movement
  • Use circuit retaining to hold information whilst finding out more
  • Understand the use of colour and food to balance the body
  • Balance the muscles used in walking, running & sports
  • Identify emotions related to past trauma and ways of diffusing them
  • Use new techniques to help relieve different types of pain

At the end of Touch for Health Level 4 students will be also be able to
  • Understand the principles of Acupressure Holding Point Theory
  • Balance all 42 muscles learned, using many methods including sound
  • Relieve emotional and physical stress held in the posture
  • Use the principles of Tibetan energy to balance physical stress
  • Use techniques to relieve pain and symptoms of Jet Lag
  • Improve poor posture by using the principles of reactivity
  • Understand the natural cycle of emotions

At the end of Touch for Health Proficiency students will be also be able to
  • Integrate all aspects of the TFH synthesis to work effectively with others
  • Enhance balancing using the Law of 5 Elements and goal statements
  • Use more in depth knowledge of posture to increase effectiveness
  • Educate others about the benefits of muscle monitoring
  • Demonstrate competence and prepare for optional assessment
  • Fulfill the pre requisites for the Instructor Training Workshop
  • Understand how to move into Touch for Health Professional Training

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If you would like to chat about the courses and how they can meet your requirements then please contact us by phone or email.

All our Instructors are registered with the International Kinesiology College, Australia.

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