Touch for Health Kinesiology
Kinesiology in the Workplace

There are many applications of Touch for Health Kinesiology in the workplace to help with employee self development, concentration, performance and wellbeing.

Personal Consultations

Touch for Health Kinesiology can bring about performance improvement by helping the individual to overcome personal blocks in order to achieve personal and business goals. This is taken at the pace of the individual and can be used to improve current work performance or look forward to long term aspirations through career coaching.

Personal consultations can also be extremely effective where employees are suffering from stress.

Whether the stress relates to situations in the home or workplace, the employee's concentration and performance can be affected, potentially causing additional stress to both the individual and their team. Improvement can be facilitated by using muscle testing to allow the individual to understand more about their stress and how this is impacting their body physically, emotionally and chemically.

A variety of techniques can then be used to enable the individual to release some of their stress and cope more effectively with the situations that cause them difficulty. Many of the techniques can then be used by the individual on an ongoing basis to manage their own stress levels.

Additionally, employees who sustain injuries either in or out of work can benefit from pain management techniques and dealing with the emotional aspects of a trauma or accident to aid their recovery and help them get back to work more quickly.

We offer self funded and company sponsored personal consultations from clinic premises in Bristol. We can also offer our individual consultation services within company premises as part of an employee wellbeing initiative. Please contact us for further infomation.

Group Workshops and Training Events

Touch for Health Kinesiology can be used as a basis to educate and empower individuals at all levels to be more responsible for their health and wellbeing. The following objectives are just a few examples of how significant improvements could be achieved in your workplace

  • Understand the connection between physical, emotional and biochemical imbalances in the body and how this affects us at work. We all know how important body language is in business communication, so learn how to identify when stress affects posture and therefore image and impact. Understand how inner feelings can affect our ability to negotiate and influence.

  • Learn exercises for improved brain coordination to enable you and your team to feel more energised and focused. Avoid that 'afternoon feeling' by understanding how stress, dehydration, food and computer screens affect our concentration and performance

  • Learn how stress affects physical posture leading to pain and discomfort. Take away some tips to help yourself and your colleagues before things get too serious

  • Understand how stress affects our interpersonal relationships and impacts upon our team members. Learn how to minimise the impact on yourself and others around you

  • Understand the symptoms and causes of Jetlag and learn some techniques to help minimise the effects of Jetlag on your business trip.

  • Explore how performance can be improved by ‘balancing’ the body and mind. Learn how the body reacts physically to a challenging mental goal and use this knowledge to determine how to move forward towards your personal and business goals

There are many other ways in which Touch for Health Kinesiology can be utilised in the workplace to achieve great results. We would be happy to discuss the needs and objectives of your team and design a programme to meet your requirements

Please contact us to arrange a meeting

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