Touch for Health Kinesiology
Tamsyn Grant MBA

Having worked in the corporate environment for 14 years I have experienced the effects of stress on an individuals health and performance first hand and coached many others to improve performance or discover their own skills and abilities when making career choices.

Changes at work can be incredibly stressful for an individual and when coupled with the many stressful situations that can occur in our home lives it's no wonder that our bodies and minds struggle to cope.

Over the years Kinesiology has allowed me to take a different perspective on what's important to me as well as giving me the ability to manage my own physical discomfort and emotional stress.

This feeling of control over my own wellbeing is extremely empowering and gives me the drive and enthusiasm to work with others in this way, as well as discovering new excitement and fulfilment in all aspects of my life.

Combining principles of corporate coaching and facilitation, with knowledge and techniques from Touch for Health and Creative Kinesiology, my passion lies in facilitating self development in others whether their difficulty is physical, emotional or biochemical. I enable individuals to understand more about themselves, take responsibility for their own health and move towards their own individual potential in their health, home and work life.

I teach self help workshops in and around Bristol and also work with companies to improve employee performance and wellbeing through a range of tailored services delivered in the workplace.

I am a registered Instructor with the International Kinesiology College. I also teach Practice Management, Marketing and Presentation Skills for the Touch for Health Professional Kinesiology qualification and other schools and business organisations.

When I'm not doing all of this I am passionate about Italy having got married there in 2004. I am learning Italian with my husband David and love to cook Italian food and visit Italy when we can.

We have two children and I enjoyed using the techniques from Touch for Health Kinesiology to keep me emotionally and physically balanced through my pregnancies and now for helping the whole family! I am enjoying developing this side of my work further as I experience the joys and challenges of motherhood first hand. My current focus is on the integration of infant reflexes to improve coordination, concentration and other areas of child development.

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