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"The course focuses on how students can turn their ideas of running a business into reality. Helping them to understand what motivates them and discovering personal barriers and how to overcome them. We explore the practicalities of working as a Touch for Health Practitioner and promoting themselves to others. This enables students to move forward towards realising their dreams effectively and confidently." Hazel Miller - Course instructor

A three day course covering all aspects of running a Touch for Health practice. For anyone wanting to start, or already running, a business using the TFH skills that they already have. There is also a follow up mentoring session to help you on your way.

The course will give you all the information you need to plan and set up your own Touch for Health business

Course Outline
• Understand yourself, define skills & talents and discover what motivates you. Overcome barriers to success.
• Ideas, help and all the information you need to plan and set up your new venture.
• A day in the life of a practitioner.
• Moving forward, setting goals and supporting each other.

Included in the course is a resource pack with details of where to get free information, training or advice on many aspects of setting up your business. This course is focused on giving you the things others can’t, rather than repeating what is already available free of charge.

…….and most exciting of all, this course has been exclusively written for Touch for Healthers.

Course Reviews

Dear Hazel & Tamsyn

I wanted to write and give you guys some feedback on my thoughts and feelings on the Touch for Health Practice Management course, and emphasise what a positive impact it has had, (and is still having), on my outlook on life and my goals for the future.

In the past, when attending any kind of training course, I have always imagined that everyone there is going to know more than I, that I will be 'The Weakest Link', so to speak. I realise now what a nonsense this is, after all, we all come together with our unique and individual gifts, and a common goal, and the sharing and comparing that goes on enables us all to leave with more than we came with - it enriches us. This certainly applies to this course.

To understand self, define skills and talents, discover what motivates self and overcome barriers to success - Phew! This all seemed like quite a tall order. To explore the above honestly, through activities and interactions was pretty challenging I have to say. However, to feel able to complete my final personal statement by the end of the day was extremely rewarding. I would also like to note that the atmosphere created by the openness and honesty of the group members made for a brilliant day.

All we need to know to set up our new venture - I had been concerned that this part of the course might be heavy going but not at all! I have to admit to being amazed at how much more is involved in business planning than I had initially been aware of. However, the material we covered was put across in such a way that it all seemed manageable. It was easy to comprehend and very thorough. Being encouraged to bring our own thoughts and ideas to the group personalised the proceedings and afforded us the opportunity to compare notes and share ideas. The day was extremely productive.

A day in the life of a practitioner - What a hoot!! Who would have thought that the two of you had so many hidden acting talents! As well as being a lot of fun it was very informative. You gave us strategies that will enable us to effectively deal with difficult situations/problems, and guidance and tips on how to run an efficient, safe and professional practice. I now feel able to tackle pretty much anything!

Moving forward, setting goals and supporting each other - Prior to attending the course I had known that I was sort of headed in the right direction, but there were many grey areas and a vagueness, where I hadn't been able to see far enough ahead to see conclusions. I have also tended to meander here and there, looking for something but not knowing quite what. This has caused delays and further confusion. What the course gave to me was focus and determination and a faith in myself that I hadn't experienced before.

To say the course was 'life changing', may sound a tad over the top but actually, for me, it has been.

I feel empowered and able to cope with whatever comes my way. The goals I set myself for this past month have been reached and surpassed. The more I accomplish the more prepared I feel to move on to the next challenge. I've lost some of the fear and I'm getting more out of life and it's a tremendous feeling. I have to thank the two of you, along with the rest of the group. It was an absolute pleasure working with you all and I look forward to seeing you again in the fall.

Sincerely yours Sue Donovan

Day 3 A vast amount of practical advice and information was imparted in a very down to earth and entertaining fashion. The last part of the day looked at how practitioners can keep themselves healthy. A whole range of suggestions were put forward by the group from meditation to……alcohol!!!!

All in all a wonderful day for all the participants who seem to grow in confidence as each day of the course progressed. Thoroughly recommended to anyone, particularly therapists setting up their business.

By Stewart Knight

Day 1

No first night nerves for the impressive pair of very focused, dedicated ladies. It was on with the introductions and straight into a seamless display of the content of this opening day.

The day really got underway with the introduction of colour to the set. Coloured pens and pencils were used on numerous pieces of bright yellow paper. Brilliant display of audience participation with the leading duo ever present to guide or cajole any that needed it. Indeed those who didn't as well. Nobody was ignored.

Revelations miraculously appeared on coloured bubbles with lines leading here, there and everywhere. More coloured words on bright yellow paper somehow leading to a statement of who we, each member of the audience are, and indeed who these two ladies are as well.

Day 2 Colours, paper, words taking us so easily into areas that we do not always choose to visit, indeed denied they were there. Finding out how the balance in our lives is at present and actually finding out how you would like it to be. What is stopping us? How could we not see this before?

They have made it so clear and it seems so easy. Is this some kind of magic trick? I think not. But it is a very cleverly devised script that leads the audience on a voyage of discovery.

By Terry Shubrook

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