Touch for Health Kinesiology
Short Lectures available for your Workplace, Group or Event

We offer a range of short lectures about Touch for Health Kinesiology and the many ways in which it can facilitate individual and group development.

We are also happy to discuss the needs of your group and design a programme to meet your requirements.

Please contact us for further information

Touch for Health Kinesiology – An Introduction

  • Understand what it is and how it works

  • Understand the connection between physical, emotional and biochemical imbalances

  • Have a go at some brain coordination exercises and muscle testing

  • Take away some self help tips and techniques to feel more energised and focused

Touch for Health Kinesiology – Biochemical Balance
  • Understand the potential impact of a biochemical imbalance

  • Have a go at some dehydration testing and food testing

  • Learn how different foods can help support physical and emotional imbalances in the body

Touch for Health Kinesiology – Stress Management

  • Learn how stress affects our performance through muscle testing

  • Understand the knock on effects of emotional stress on the rest of the body and how to manage the impact

  • Take away some stress management self help techniques

Touch for Health Kinesiology – Pain Management

  • A holistic approach to pain – looking at all aspects of the person

  • Understand what pain is trying to tell us

  • Understand the different types of pain and how emotional pain can manifest physically

  • Learn some pain management techniques

  • Learn how to stimulate the body to ‘mend’ itself

Touch for Health Kinesiology – Jetlag Management

  • Understand the symptoms and causes of Jetlag

  • Explore the concepts of Chinese Medicine that relate to time and your bodyclock

  • Learn some techniques to help minimise the effects of Jetlag on your holiday or business trip

  • Learn how to minimise ‘downtime’ on your return

Touch for Health Kinesiology – Sports performance

  • Exercises for improved brain coordination and focus

  • Learn how emotions and biochemistry affect sporting performance

  • How performance can be improved by ‘balancing’ the body and mind

  • Self help techniques for warm up/preparation to avoid injury

  • Self help pain techniques to help if the worst happens

Touch for Health Kinesiology – Coaching & Goal setting

  • Learn how goals are integrated into the Kinesiology model

  • Learn how the body reacts physically to a challenging emotional goal

  • Use this knowledge to determine how to move forward personally

Touch for Health Kinesiology – Metaphors

  • An exploration of balancing posture and energy through creative dialogue

  • Learn how using muscle response and touch reflexes together with dialogue can balance the body

  • Understand why metaphors are so effective and how they were developed from a study of muscles, organs, posture and Chinese medicine

Touch for Health Kinesiology – Releasing past emotional trauma

  • Learn how past emotions can become stored and inhibit us from moving forward

  • Understand how Kinesiology techniques can assist in releasing past trauma

  • Take away simple, gentle techniques to enable personal growth

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