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The Pupil Toolbox

The Pupil Toolbox is a series of exciting and lively workshops using simple, powerful techniques and tools based on neuroscience to promote personal leadership in pupils. These bespoke and flexible workshops are aimed at pupils aged 12 and upwards.

Personal leadership is all about leading from the inside out. The workshops teach pupils how to master their thoughts, feelings, energy and beliefs enabling them to fulfil their potential.

The practical technique demonstrate how pupils can tap into their own inner resources to balance their triad of health and manage their own outcomes. Pupils are encouraged to find the courage to set goals, make their own choices and commit to achieving their best.

Workshop topics include:

  • Creating Exam Confidence
  • Fabulous Me!
  • Performance Excellence
  • From Here to There
  • Resilience and Relationships
  • Career Profiling
  • Assistance in changing attitudes and unhelpful behaviour

The workshops are about growing and moving forward and having some fun along the way!

Expected Outcomes

  • Manage anxiety as it arises simply and quickly
  • Reframe any negative states into positive ones
  • Ground and centre before exams/performances to gain the maximum from the brain
  • Understand stress reactions
  • Use physiology to become more resourceful in the moment
  • Recognise personal brain architecture and how it relates to behaviour and strengths*
  • Understand the match between preferred behaviour and career choices*
  • Identify limiting beliefs and choose supportive ones
  • Use adrenalin positively
  • Recognise the relationship between food and mood

*These outcomes are specific to those workshops including PRISM Brain Mapping

Flexible Delivery is in 2-3 hour or whole day sessions at your school. Sessions can be delivered in 3- or 6-week blocks, or mixed and matched to suit the needs of the pupils and the school timetable.

All materials and techniques will be adapted to suit the age of the pupil and the sessions will always be bespoke, meeting the needs of those attending. Year long, weekly sessions are also possible, which will help to embed the culture of self-leadership into the fabric of school life.

Each workshop session is based on a number of different modalities and employs techniques from:

  • Creating Exam Confidence
  • Kinesiology
  • Coaching
  • Neuro linguistic programming
  • Mindfulness
  • Emotional Freedom Technique

  • All workshops include some anatomy and physiology theory and basic neuroscience where appropriate. The workshops are fun and engaging and pupils have an opportunity to practice the techniques to gain confidence.

    They will receive a minimum number of 3 different practical tools per session which are outlined in the accompanying notes. For the PRISM sessions, individual profiling or workbooks are included as required by the type of session.

    What is PRISM Brain Mapping?

    PRISM brain mapping is an exciting online tool based on neuroscience which provides a map of preferred behaviour for each individual. These Maps provide a powerful graphical explanation for why people approach situations and people in different ways.

    All our thoughts, emotions and actions are the results of many parts of the brain acting together, and the personal maps represent this dynamic interaction taking place within the brain.

    PRISM 4D is a four-dimensional profiling instrument and comes complete with a 13-page workbook and a basic profile narrative. Quick and easy to use, it provides a great introduction to understanding human behaviour, therefore allowing pupils to understand themselves and others better.

    Designed for educational purposes, it provides a non-threatening introduction to important issues such as self-awareness, communication skills, inter-personal relationships and conflict awareness. It is of particular use for young people from 12 years of age upwards and ideal for use in schools and colleges.

    To facilitate understanding, PRISM uses four colours to illustrate these behaviour preferences and gives valuable insights into how pupils relate to others, perform tasks and make decisions.

    PRISM can also be used for Career Exploration The ultimate goal in helping pupils to choose a career is to find one that is consistent with their skills, values, interests, work aptitudes and behavioural strengths. These traits are not always easy to identify, but PRISM Career Explorer can generate a written report which helps pupils build a comprehensive and accurate picture of themselves.

    This will enhance their self-awareness, allowing them to know themselves better, make good career decisions and feel confident about the direction they are moving towards.

    PRISM Career Explorer web site is a resource, which enables pupils to take what they have learned about themselves and piece it together with what they have discovered about specific careers. They can then begin to evaluate which career options meet their needs and which do not. In doing so, they can also begin to create an action plan for what they need to do to achieve success.

    If you are interested in finding out more or would like to chat about how the Educational workshops can support your students then please contact me for an initial chat

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