Touch for Health Kinesiology

A consultation starts with a discussion of what the individual wants to achieve from the session. This could be relief from pain or other physical difficulties, a change in performance or changing how they may be feeling emotionally.

This allows the client to be in charge of the process and work at their own pace, deciding on the most effective goal for each session in conjunction with the practitioner.

The session itself is referred to as a “Balance” where the intention is to enable the individual to identify and correct any imbalances within their body.

Identifying and correcting imbalances

The client will then be introduced to the concept of muscle testing as a way of obtaining information about how the body is functioning and where there may be imbalances or blockages.

A gentle pressure is used to obtain information about the quality of response of a muscle. For accuracy and comfort the arms and legs are used as levers to access muscles all over the body.

The client and practitioner work together to understand where the imbalances are, before going on to explore what could restore balance to the body.

Imbalances are corrected by using a variety of gentle methods such as Neuro Lymphatic massage points, working on the muscle, acupressure holding points, meridian pathways, nutritional changes or working with emotional responses.

All aspects of the body are taken into consideration to reach optimum physical, emotional and biochemical balance. This way the body is able to work more effectively to reduce its own imbalances, symptoms or illness.


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