Touch for Health Kinesiology
Kinesiology in the classroom - Inset days for Teachers

With Hazel Miller Cert Ed, KFRP and Tamsyn Grant MBA.


To understand the importance of stress and related behaviour patterns and understand how this affects optimum performance in teachers and learners.

To have specific tools and techniques readily available to improve energy and vitality and reduce stress.

To be able to incorporate techniques into the classroom to improve clarity and concentration for learners.

To identify personal blocks and difficulties and move forward towards optimum performance using facilitated goal setting.


Each day is designed around the group of people involved but typically includes

  • An introduction to Touch for Health Kinesiology and how it can help?
  • Working in an educational mode
  • Health , Stress and Optimum performance
  • The importance of water for learning and concentration
  • Emotional stress release
  • Stress headaches
  • How certain foods affect us
  • Looking and listening in the classroom
  • The stress of dealing with difficult situation
  • Energy first aid kit


The day is facilitated through interactive lectures, demonstration, practical activities and having fun! Anyone can join in as no prior knowledge of Kinesiology or how the body works is necessary.

Further Details...

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Hazel and Tamsyn are both experienced practitioners and registered instructors of Touch for Health Kinesiology. Their backgrounds include health, teaching, corporate training, performance and career coaching.

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