Touch for Health Kinesiology
Hazel Miller KFRP Cert.Ed.

Hazel makes use of her passion and extensive skills in Education and Healthcare in her clinical practice of Kinesiology and Kinesiology Training Program. Her clients and students are empowered with the tools for the ongoing support of all aspects of their well-being.

Hazel has over 20 years experience delivering training and facilitating personal growth and development to a wide audience. Passionate about people she engages multi-dimensional techniques which greatly improve self- awareness, behavioural change and build positive relationships.

Teaching people to develop positive life goals and to see what is blocking them, Hazel uses Metaphor and body work to encourage each individual to look beyond their current circumstances or state of health and begin to build towards the sustainable and satisfying lives they would like to achieve for themselves.

Alongside assisting others, she is also serious about enjoying her own life and engages whole heartedly in her passions which include salsa dancing, art work projects, love of food (cooking and eating!), running and yoga.

Her sensitive but direct approach, dedication to her profession and infectious enthusiasm have attracted a wide range of students and clients throughout the South West of England and Wales. Her training program is increasingly attended by students from around the world.

Hazel is a registered member of the following organisations:
Kinesiology Federation
International Kinesiology College
Balens UK

If you are interested in finding out more or would like to chat about how Kinesiology could help to restore balance in your life then please contact me for an initial chat

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